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Paul Abler: Guestbook


November 8, 2014

You're awesome Paul! I am relocating to the area soon and would love to collaborate with you bro! I am 48,heavy jazz/fusion/house/ambient influence! I play keys. Since age 7. I grew up in Cedar Rapids, IA and Minneapolis, MN so we have that midwest connection and we have some very similar tastes and influences in music! Would love to hear from you and write with you!
I can send you some newer stuff but until then you can checkout a variety of compositions at

Thanx and Peace!

Jaz...aka: Jef

Tom Franklin

September 13, 2014

Hi Paul. Been hearing about you any googled you up Impressed. Happy for you. It's good to see a friend follow a dream and chop it down with the edge of his hand

Jeff Nelson

May 6, 2014

Hi Paul I was a student of yours back in the late 80's for approx-5 years at evola music on dixie hwy you were the best teacher I ever had I went on to teach guitar also then I worked as a studios musician in Brooklyn I still play all the time and teach my children with much of the same material s that I learned from you I'm glad to see you are enjoying success and thank you for being a great musical mentor you taught my very well indeed
Good luck in all you do and maybe I'll hear from you

art douglas

September 24, 2013

hello, I am wondering if this is the same Paul that lived on Cheryl in Waterford and played the guitar outside of his window and we would dance and listen to you play as people would drive by. if so hello and congrats on all of your success.

Paul Thomas

October 27, 2012

Hey Paul was just browsing and came across your website,glad to see you doing well.Sounds excellent.

George Kormendi

September 4, 2012

Hey Paul,

Glad to have gotten the chance to hang a bit with you at Roberta and Billy's place!

Nice music on this site! Feel free to keep me posted on those Zinc Bar gigs, or other stuff happening in or close to nyc.

: )

Best wishes to you and Yashmin,

Tim Young

August 14, 2012

Hey Paul congratulations (late) on getting married and all of the music sucsess. Mark was telling me a former Sex Pistol is your tech but not Steve Jones. Just currious who it is.
Take care.

dave lansing

July 4, 2012

Just heard your music in the 2 Mr. Kissells. Great !

Fred Israel

April 14, 2012

Hey Paul. Sorry I missed your birthday bash. Burnt out by taxes. Next time. Happy Birthday

Randy Britt

September 24, 2011

Wow Just Check You Out , Iam Glad You Doing Great.

Todd Evans

August 29, 2011

Hey Paul, I owe my guitar playing abilities to you. It's been almost 20 years since you taught me at Annie's music in Michigan and the music lives on. Thanks.

Yashmin Charnet

February 16, 2009

You are the best!